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Life Builders Church (LBC) is a full-gospel, non-denominational church that believes, embraces, and walks in the full life of the word of God. We believe the BIBLE, which we refer to as Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth, is the perfect guide for our lives. LBC believes in carrying out our God-ordained mandate of building people to take their place as productive kingdom citizens. 


Life Builders Church, formerly Zion Temple Fellowship Church, was established in 1986. We are the father church of the Full Gospel Christian fellowship, a nationwide organism of ministries that seeks to mutually affirm, edify, educate, and validate one another as a vibrant family. 


Bishop J. Charles Carrington Jr. is the Senior Pastor of Life Builders Church and the Presiding Prelate of the Full Gospel Christian Fellowship. He and his wife, Pastor Althea Carrington are submitted to their covering Apostle I.V. and Pastor Bridget Hilliard. They are active partners and members in good standing with the Association of Independent Ministries (AIM). 


At LBC, we seek to please God and serve his people, corporately and individually. We recognize that the body of Christ is more than one assembly, denomination or nation. God has his people in various places on this planet which means our reach must be global. We strive to focus on kingdom principles and God’s way of operating which transcends color, culture, tradition and flesh. At LBC, we want and are focused on Jesus. We believe that abundant life, prosperity, total healing and God’s promises are relevant. We pray for the salvation of all mankind and strive to mirror the kingdom of God. We are serious about building lives!

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Bishop J. Charles Carrington Jr. & Pastor Althea Carrington

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